Duotone Balls
Pictures of Duotone Balls
How to use Duotone Balls
Pictures of Duotone Balls

Here are some examples of the different type of Duotone Balls on the market.  As you can see, there can be many varieties in the material, design, and sizes.
This is your basic duotone ball.  It is a pair of weighted balls attached together with a nylon cord.  Comes in different colors
Another pair of plastic Duotone Balls with a leopard skin. 
 This set of Duotone Balls has three balls attached in different sizes.  In addition, the middle sized ball has two weights while the large ball has 3 weights.  The company called this set Rocker Balls.
 The electric version of Duotone Balls.  Features a controller to pick a desired vibrating speed.

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