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How to use Duotone Balls
How to use Duotone Balls

Using Duotone Balls is pretty strait forward and easy.  There are a few tips we can offer though.  Lift up one leg and insert the balls.  Basically you want to be using your muscles in the vagina to hold the balls in.  You can insert all the balls or leave one of the balls hanging out.  Some like to do this for external stimulation.  Then its up do you for creating the stimulation.  You can use the cord to tug on the balls or just use your body to move them around.
  • Before using the Duotone Balls, go to the bathroom and relieve your bladder so you can concentrate on holding the balls in.
  • Practice at home first before using them in public.  After time your muscles will get stronger and more used to holding them in and avoid the balls rolling around in your underwear if they fall out.
  • You can use the Duotone Balls for many hours.  Its up to you on how long you want to do kegel exercises or be stimulated.
  • Keep the balls clean after each use by washing and drying with soap and water.
Duotone balls shouldn't be confused with Ben Wa Balls, as Ben Wa Balls are individual metal balls.  Duotone balls should be easier to hold in since they are lighter.  Once your vagina muscles have gotten stronger, you can try Ben Wa Balls.  Ben Wa balls are usually about 3/4 inches.  In China, they also make larger balls to exercise their hands called Chinese health balls or Baoding Balls.  These are larger and match the larger size of Duotone balls.

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